Sticky notes Braindump in yellow

Sticky note A7 Braindump is a cute sticky note pad. For sweet notes, notes or as a bookmark in your (study) book. Ideal to use yourself, but of course also nice to give as a gift. The block consists of 50 pages, so you won't forget anything. Use Notepad A7 for overview and structure. A notepad is often very useful and convenient to use. You can use a notepad for various things, such as shopping lists, call or WhatsApp reminders or for your to-do's. Studio Inktvis has a matching notepad in its range for many occasions. They are not only useful, but also fun and colorful! Extra information Sticky note Illustrations 80 gram paper 50 pages Glued Format: A7 (7.5 x 10.5 cm) Cardboard backing
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