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Sixton London - Cantaloupe Make-up Bag And a Pin


A pale orange velvet make-up bag with a decorative bee pin. Leave the pin on the bag or wear it on your clothes as a brooch.This velvet pouch is perfect for make-up or jewelry. Made in China and hand finished in England.   Small measures: 16cm long, 9cm high, 8.5cm wide Wholesale: £7.00/ €8.50/ $9.00 RRP: £16.99/ €21.99/ $22.50   Large measure:  20cm long, 12cm high, 7cm wide. Wholesale: £8.00/ €9.50/ $10.50 RRP: £19.99/ €24.00/ $25.00   Minimum order quantity: x 6 make-up bags (any colours) Available for delivery from Mid January