Pink just pretending to be organised to do list notepad

To do block 10×21 cm Just pretending to be organised To do block or not? Do you also pretend that you have everything under control? Then this block helps in any case! Not only very practical, but also just cute. What you can use To do block 10×21 cm Just pretending to be organized for?! Shopping lists, to-do lists, New Year's resolution lists - almost all of our daily lives seem to consist of lists ;-) This is not for nothing! They help our brain to function optimally! The block is therefore not only very suitable for making lists, but also ideal for notes. The block of Studio Inktvis is a block consisting of 50 pages of 80 grams paper. The block is printed on DIN format (9.8 x 21 cm) in colours. The design consists of a well-known quote from Studio Inktvis. Extra information: To do block Illustrations Lined 80 grams paper 50 pages Glued Format: Din (9.8 x 21 cm) Cardboard back
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