I Like you because we hate the same things Riso Postcard

POSTCARD I LIKE YOU BECAUSE WE HATE THE SAME THINGS is a beautiful quote printed on 300 grams Gmund paper with a RISO printer in fluor pink and yellow. This card is ideal for many occasions. Studio Inktvis has fallen for RISO because of the intensely richly colored prints it produces. The RISO printing principle is therefore very similar to screen printing. The final print looks handmade or beautiful, not perfect. The process is also eco-friendly. The ink is based on fairly produced soy oil and the masters are made of Japanese wax-coated paper. The machine uses very little energy because RISO printing is a cold printing process. The I LIKE YOU postcards in the FUN NEON series are all available in A6 format. The dimensions of this are 105 millimeters x 148 millimeters. Gmund paper is used. The weight of the paper used is 300 gr/m2.
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