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Chive - Rabbit


Our Rabbit single flower vase is pure fun. It’s the perfect white ceramic bud vase. At least that’s what we thought and then after hundreds of requests for more colors we added a pink and grey bunny into the mix to make the perfect trio. We have had a little bit of an obsession making animal vases and planters this year. I was playing around with making paper origami animals and flowers and it came down to a choice of two, either the rabbit or the wiener dog. As a single flower vase the Rabbit won. A flowered rabbit is just a little bit cuter than a flowered wiener dog. Prior to the Rabbit coming along, we did not really have in our collections another other white ceramic bud vase that was super cute and we thought we needed to fix that problem. That’s the quick version of how the Rabbit`s came to be. We are working on adding a few more animals, but have about 100 projects that we are currently working on, so please be patient.